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Stage 1: Trifecta Tune

Please call/email/text for pricing options.

Will match any Trifecta Dealer's current price/specials.

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Like the LNF Budget tune we offer, 1.4T Budget tunes are priced aggressively at $200. The 1.4T Budget tune offers the following features:

** - Stock horsepower/torque levels are 139HP/149TQ flywheel, although the stock tune in most cases produces much less power than this. We do not make any guarantee of power gains, only that the power limiters have been raised by this much. Vehicles being operated at high altitude may see less gain. Use of less than premium grade fuel may result in a smaller gain as well (although our testing showed these gains are achievable on 87 octane fuel at sea level). See below.

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The Sonic 6 spd Manual was bone stock with approx. 600 miles on it. The Trifecta tune allows you to run 87 to 93 octane and it self adjusts after fueling. It also self adjusts timing etc. based on temperature and other factors for safety.

You can see bone stock on 87 octane at 65 degrees power was 142 whp and 153 TQ. On 87 octane, the same evening the Sonic produced 164 whp and a whopping 237 TQ. The temperature dropped to 59 degrees for that run.

I returned a different day with 93 octane and the Sonic produced 153 whp and 216 TQ. The Sonic was warmer and the temperature outside was 78 degrees vs 59 degrees. I believe this dyno run shows us how much heat affects HP and TQ. It looks like heat affects power more than octane. We can't control heat but we can control octane.

In my opinion, the good news is we can run 87 octane without much detriment to power below 65 degrees. Above 65 degrees we will get more benefit from Premium.

Also, we are testing the E85 tune for the Sonic which should provide further power in Summer weather based on it's knock resistance.

Stage 2: DDMWorks cat back exhaust resonator no muffler

$575 plus Shipping


This exhaust will fit the 1.4L and the 1.8L Sonic Hatchbacks, and are installed behind the secondary catalytic converter and extend to the back of the vehicle. All systems are full stainless steel mandrel bent 2.25" tubing with polished tips. As the turbo on the 1.4L breaks up a lot of the sound, we recommend only a resonator. The 1.8L is louder. We recommend having the muffler instead of the resonator in the system to make the sound acceptable.

From loudest to quietest:

We also offer a high flow catalytic converter to compliment this system. The Sonic uses 2 catalytic converters and our high flow catalytic converter replaces the 2nd cat in the system with a 200 cell spiral wound converter that installs just before the attachment point for the exhausts. A "test pipe" is also available for off road use, which replaces the secondary catalytic converter completely with a mandrel bent tube to remove all restriction and will allow more flow and also increase the sound slightly.

Stage 3: In Testing more to come soon!

Add Trifecta E85 tune, and 40 lbs Injectors.