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"Maximizing Performance and Value with a Personalized Approach"

Over the years of modifying our vehicles, we have developed trusted relationships with companies with excellent products and services.  We have pulled together to offer you complete and customized performance options for your vehicle where everything is optimized together.  We have tested and proven all our products and services we offer on our vehicles or have verified them with our partners so you don’t have to spend the time and money yourself.

Our recommendations are based on what you want to achieve and your budget.  We will always try and recommend products that do not have to be replaced as you upgrade but are foundational for additional performance upgrades.  This is the basis of our Stage Packages. We partner with Autotech in Shawnee, KS for all our install services. It is the place I trust to work on our vehicles.

We will gladly answer your questions and tell you what we know and when we don’t.  Honesty and customer service are very important to us.  Also, if you are in KC, come by and check out the vehicles and see our offerings in action.

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